Brief Introduction

“The State Key Laboratory of Molecular Engineering of Polymers” at Fudan University was established in Oct. 2011 by State Ministry of Science and Technology. The Laboratory is mainly supported by the National Key Program of Polymer Chemistry and Physics (Department of Macromolecular Science), yet interdisciplinary research projects are also strongly promoted. Prof. Jiandong DING is the director of this Laboratory, and the academic committee is chaired by Prof. Ming Jiang.

Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yuliang Yang Ming Jiang Dongyuan Zhao
Distinguished Chang-Jiang Scholar Professors
Yuliang Yang Dongyuan Zhao Guoxin Jin Zhengzhong Shao
Limin Wu Jiandong Ding Fuyou Li Huisheng Peng
Yanlei Yu Yonghui Deng (Young scholar) Fan Zhang (Young Scholar)
Winners of China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists
Yuliang Yang Dongyuan Zhao Guoxin Jin Jiandong Ding
Peiyi Wu Zhengzhong Shao Changchun Wang Feng Qiu
Daoyong Chen Fuyou Li Baohong Liu Huisheng Peng
Yanlei Yu Fan Zhang